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About Me

Honestly speaking, these 'About me' sections are so hard to write; there's either so much to say that you don't know where to start or there is nothing to say at all. But I'll give it a go.

I graduated from Texas A&M University in May'2017, where I completed my masters in MIS(Data track). For close to 2 years, I've been working with Deloitte in their Anti-money Laundering practice, with focus on risk stratification and suspicious transaction monitoring projects. I also have some previous experience working with top US Pharma giants, mainly on optimizing their data refineries & adjusting Incentive Compensation programmes.

When I'm not fighting fire at home, I enjoy automating mundane tasks on the web (admittedly a life-hacker). Other interests include pondering about life, sometimes long enough to drop nuggets of wisdom - I'm my personal 'quote philosopher'. Besides that, I also have a penchant for humor, memes & staying woke.


ZS Associates

Data analyst

Worked in large scale data refining and incentive compensation programs for sales representatives. Clients included Top 5 Pharma companies in USA and Europe.

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies - Texas A&M University

Data analysis graduate assistant

Analysis of confidential data and reporting on graduation completion and retention rates based on demographics - age, race & gender. Stakeholders incuded Board of Directors at Texas A&M University.


Data Science Consultant

Clients include top 3 banks in USA. Worked mainly in Transaction Monitoring and KYC(Know Your Customer) analysis. Dealt with Python automation, Machine Learning applications in FinTech as well as developing backend for a data curation tool.


College of Engineering, Pune

July 2008 - May 2012

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunications

Key accomplishments:

Texas A&M University

June 2015 - May 2017

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Key courses finished with A grade:


Finding fraudulent bot-culture in Amazon(semi-viral linkedin article: 700+likes, 100+shares)

One fine day during the last Christmas vacation, my broken earphone led me to investigate a notorious bot culture on Amazon.

Linkedin articleGithub linkNbviewer link

Apple Vs Microsoft : The race for market capitalization

This was the week when Microsoft overtaking Apple was the breaking news. I tried to source external data & plot this decade long game of catch-up.

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Scraping H1B data for Data Science/ML positions from

A genuine request from my cousin to list all 'h1b sponsoring' companies for Data Science/ML positions. My very first UNPAID freelancing gig. Thanks a lot, cousin!

Github linkNbviewer link

AnalyticsVidhya loan default prediction practice problem - Leaderboard rank 17 of 47K participants

Weekend long hackathon conducted by Analytics Vidhya to predict loan defaults. Surprisingly only adding a couple of simple features worked superbly!

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Mr Obama Vs. Mr Trump : First 2 years in White House

Just a fun scraping project to get press briefings data from official website. Then plotting annual heatmaps to compare Obama & Trumps first 2 years in White house.

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Passion project - Humor Detection using Natural Language Processing(Word2Vec + Scikit)

This is still work in progress. Trying to classify whether a tweet is humorous or not. My capstone project for Machine Learning Guild.

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Ongoing Project for tricky SQL/Python questions - Leetcode, Hackerearth & other SPOJs

Created skeleton for now. Add more info here.

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